VC's of the Second World War

John Frayn Turner

Date Published :
September 2004
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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Published for the first time in a single volume, VC’s of the Second World War consolidates the accounts of the actions of every recipient. The medal of this ultimate honor is inscribed with the simple words ‘For Valour’‚ and this cross of courage was awarded to a total of 180 men - many posthumously.

As these stories of bravery are unfolded, they reveal varied exploits of incredible individual actions. And they frequently form part of larger-scale operations, whether on land, in the air, at sea or under the sea. In so doing, the book becomes a unique chronological cross-section of the crucial British and Commonwealth contribution to the war as a whole from Norway; the Battle of Britain; North Africa; the Battle of the Atlantic; the Burma campaign; the Mediterranean theater; the air assault on Germany; Normandy; to victory in Europe and the Far East.

About The Author

John Frayn Turner is a distinguished historian and author. Pen and Sword have published numerous of his books, including VCs of the Second World War, Service Most Silent and Periscope Patrol. He lives at Leatherhead, Surrey.

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