Train Doctor

Trouble Shooting with Diesel and Electric Traction

Roger Senior

Date Published :
August 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
150 illustrations - color & black and white
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Train Doctor is the story of Roger Senior's career in the railway industry, from 1968 when the author joined British Railways, until his retirement from Great North Eastern Railway.

The book takes you from the 1970’s period, with its first generation Diesels, through to privatisation in 1994 and the electrified East Coast main line.

This will be of interest to enthusiasts and modern railway historians, with its inside look at the railway industry during a time of considerable change.

The author began his career with first generation diesel classes, on the Eastern Region, of what was then British Railways and went on to work with the High Speed Train Fleet, when they were first introduced to main line service, in the 1970s.

This is a story of troubleshooting, with many different types of modern traction over a period of twenty-five years, an insight in to the trials and tribulations of keeping the railway running, in all weathers and at all costs.

Roger Senior later worked with electric traction, both before and after privatisation, on the East Coast main line, finishing his career with Great North Eastern Railway as the Resident Engineer for the refurbishment of the MK1V fleet known as the ‘Mallard’ project.

About The Author

Born in Leeds in the mid-1940s, Roger Seniour spent the first eleven years growing up around the vast array of railway lines and depots in the Leeds area. At fifteen, he began a seven-year apprenticeship as an Electrical Engineer, learning how to repair electric motors, transformers, and industrial wiring. In 1968 he found employment within the railway, and was eventually promoted to Technical Riding Inspector, which lasted for sixteen years, before finishing up as the Resident Engineer for the MK1V fleet of vehicles.

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