The Brighton Atlantics

James S Baldwin

* The Brighton Atlantics were an important development in the motive power on the London Brighton & South Coast Railway.

* Designed by D. Earl Marsh, the two classes of Atlantics, classes H1 and H2, were the main stay of passenger services on the Brighton main line for nearly twenty years.

* The last members of the H2 class, were not withdrawn fr
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October 2017
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Pen and Sword
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Locomotive Portfolios
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200 illustrations - 180 black and white and 20 color
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The Brighton Atlantic locomotives were some of the most handsome machines ever constructed at Brighton Works. They were signed by the D. Earl Marsh, Locomotive Superintendent of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway, and produced as two classes, the H1, introduced in 1905-1906, and the H2, introduced in 1911–1912.

The Brighton Atlantic type has had a following among enthusiasts and model engineers for over a century, with many fine examples of models of these machines being constructed in all scales, both as live steam and electric powered.

Great interest is still there today, with many models of these fine locomotives on show at model engineering exhibitions and on smaller scale Brighton or Southern layouts.

The Bluebell Railway in East Sussex is currently constructing a full-size replica of the last H2 Atlantic (Beachy Head) in a workshop at Sheffield Park, using some parts from the original locomotive and a rescued Great Northern Atlantic boiler.

The project to construct a replica machine has aroused a great deal of public interest in this design of locomotive. At this time there are no books available on the market for anyone who would like to construct a model on, or take an interest in, the replica project on the Bluebell Railway.

About The Author

James S. Baldwin is a historian, author and professional film maker, who also produces material for the National Railway Museum, High Street retail outlets and industrial companies. He has published several books about the Flying Scotsman and frequently writes articles on the topic for various periodicals and magazines. As a member of many railway societies and groups, he is very interested in all things to do with railways, social history and creative processes and is particularly interested in the evolution of railway design. He is currently working on many different commissioned titles.

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