The Desert Air Force in World War II

Air Power in the Western Desert, 1940-1942

Ken Delve

* Documents the first time that the RAF struck back at Hitler's Reich.

* Describes the advance and retreat as the airstrips were moved in accordance with the rapidly changing front-line.

* Ken Delve, ex RAF, is one of the world's most popular and well-respected aviation authors.
Date Published :
May 2022
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
200 B&W Photos
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ISBN : 9781844158171

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This is a comprehensive reference to the structure, operation, aircraft and men of the 1st Tactical Air Force, or Desert Air Force as it became known. It was formed in North Africa to support the 8th Army and included squadrons from the RAF, SAAF, RAAF and eventually the USAAF.

The book includes descriptions of many notable defensive and offensive campaigns, the many types of aircraft used, weapons and the airfields that played host to these events. The five main sections of the book include a general historical introduction and overview, operations, operational groups, aircrew training and technical details of each aircraft type. Lengthy annexes cover personnel, the squadrons in World War II, accuracy of attacks, orders of battle for each wartime year, maps of airfield locations and numbers of enemy aircraft downed.

About The Author

Ken Delve served 20 years in the Royal Air Force as a Navigator and during that time developed his passion for aviation and military history. From researching and publishing the history of his first squadron – 39 Squadron, which had played a major role in defeating Rommel’s supply lines – he has subsequently written over 40 books and numerous articles.


“This work is an overall look at the Desert Air Force. Its aircraft and weapons are covered in detail with many drawings and photographs. The airfields, operations, and aircrew are also given detailed attention. The notable offensive and defensive battles are explained well… a good general view of an air force that deserves more attention that it usually receives.”

- WWII History, June 2018

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