Struggle and Suffrage in Norwich

Women's Lives and the Fight for Equality

Gill Blanchard

This book focuses on how there was more to women's history than just the suffrage campaign and women's war work by looking at the broader context of women's achievements.
Date Published :
November 2020
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Pen and Sword
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Struggle and Suffrage
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25 black and white illustrations
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781526717610

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This book focuses on how there was more to women’s history than just the suffrage campaign and women’s war work by looking at the broader context of women’s achievements.

The book is divided into themes looking at education, work, marriage, relationships, health and maternity, poverty and housing, and the involvement of women in political parties and campaigns for social and legal reforms, including the right to vote.

It explores these themes through the lives of both the well-known and women who rarely, if ever, make the history books. The stories of Norwich women such as Mabel Clarkson, the first female sheriff in England, and one of the first women councillors and Lady Lord Mayor; and Dorothy Jewson, the first female MP in Norwich and East Anglia, provide the backdrop to the history of campaigns against poverty and women’s right to vote.

Drawing on published and unpublished material held in the record office and heritage center, the National Archives, museums and private collections, this book explores the lives of individual women to chart transformational changes in society at large, and Norwich in particular. These social, political and legal changes can be traced through the lives of divorcee Elizabeth Gurney; suffragette Miriam Pratt; nurse Philippa Flowerday, blacksmith Elizabeth Sabberton; economist and writer Harriet Martineau and abolitionist and writer Amelia Opie, and numerous schoolteachers, clerks, tradeswomen, weavers, WWI munitionettes and more.

About The Author

Gill Blanchard is an experienced family and local history researcher, teacher and lecturer. She has an academic background in history,sociology and politicsand has been conducting family, house and local history research on a full-time professional basis since 1992. She began her research career by working at Norfolk Record Office assisting the public with their genealogical and local history research, and she set up her own research company in 1997. She teaches a range of family history courses locally, nationally and online. Among her most recent publications are Tracing Your House History and Writing Your Family History.

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