My War in the Air 1916

Memoirs of a Great War Pilot

Captain Alan Bott MC

Date Published :
December 2014
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781783463169

Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Originally published under the title An Airman’s Outing, this magnificent title chronicles the daily life of the Flying Officer during the Great War. Touchingly dedicated to ‘The Fallen of Umpty Squadron R.F.C.’, Bott chronicles the lives and losses of his squadron as they carried out their duties over France in 1916. A modest and unflinching account of Great War aviation, Bott neither aggrandizes nor dismisses any achievement of his crack squadron. A squadron that suffered so heavily, holding the record for casualties sustained by any flying squadron during three months, from the beginning of the war to the end of 1916 - a testament to the bravery and determination of the men who continued to serve within it.

Tinged by this sadness, My War in the Air 1916 still conveys the aspirations of the British Royal Flying Corps in their early days, and the hope its many flying aces placed in the establishment, as a powerful tool to defend and protect. As W. S. Brancker states inside, ‘War has been the making of aviation; let us hope that aviation will be the destruction of war.’


"Captain Alan John Bott, MC, is a name almost lost to modern aviation history literature. Fortunately, this new edition of his classic work An Airman’s Outings, published in 1918 under the penname “Contact,” preserves his interesting and insightful comments for 21st century readers..."

- Over the Front, Spring 2015

"Bott, a World War I pilot who served with the British Royal Garrison Artillery and Royal Flying Corps (RFC), describes the daily experiences of his RFC squadron in France in 1916, from flying to France to their tasks doing long reconnaissance, as offensive patrols around German air country, as escorts for bombing craft, and in photography."

- ProtoView

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