Motorsport’s Military Heroes

Bryan Lightbody

Date Published :
September 2022
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
25 mono
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781399097116

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Motorsport has many iconic names attached to it. It has many that are celebrated as heroes in their chosen sport. However, what perhaps is less well known is how many of the motorsport icons of the twentieth century carried out acts of real-life bravery, many during war time, but some in selfless acts of bravery in saving the lives of their fellow competitors.

Some of the iconic names of motorsport are linked to the great conflicts of the twentieth century. Enzo Ferrari served during World War One, the most revered of the 1920s Bentley Boys were all World War One veterans such as John Duff, Bernard Rubin, Woolf Barnato, Sammy Davis and Glen Kidston. World War One American flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker was an Indianapolis 500 racing driver. Muriel Thompson, Military Medal, who became a World War One ambulance driver, was not only a chauffeur for suffragette Emeline Pankhurst, but raced at Brooklands before the war.

Commentator Murray Walker was a World War Two tank commander, fellow commentator Raymond Baxter was a Spitfire pilot who was mentioned in dispatches for bravery. Carroll Shelby was a United States Army Airforce pilot and instructor with a reputation for great leadership. His friend, engineer and racing driver Ken Miles, served throughout the war as a specialist in tank recovery, landing as part of the D-Day operations.

These are just a few of the most notable names from a group of men and women who risked all in conflict, before risking all on the track profiled in this book.

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