London’s Railways 1967 - 1977

A Snap Shot In Time

Jim Blake

Date Published :
September 2015
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
250 black and white illustrations
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This pictorial book covers London’s railways from 1967 to 1977, showing the transition from steam to diesel and electric traction.

This volume has a very readable narrative, telling tales of the authors adventures during his many trips around the London railway network.

The volume encapsulates a period of time in Britain, during which a great deal of change was taking place, not only with railways and transport, but also socially and economically.

Jim Blake, describes all of these changes, while also looking at the capitals transport scene of the period.

About The Author

Jim Blake was born at the end of 1947, and he soon developed a passionate interest in railways, buses and trolleybuses. In 1965, he bought a colour cine-camera, with which he captured what is now very rare footage of long-lost buses, trolleybuses and steam locomotives. These transport photographs have been published in various books and magazines. Jim also started the North London Transport Society and, in conjunction with the group, he has compiled and published a number of books on the subject since 1977, featuring many of the 100,000 or so transport photographs he has taken over the years.

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