Last Days of the Luftwaffe

German Luftwaffe Combat Units 1944–1945

Manfred Griehl

Date Published :
April 2009
Publisher :
Frontline Books
Illustration :
More than 180 b/w photos, 20 line illustrations
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The end of the Second World War in Europe was an epoch of complete social, cultural and technological upheaval. In the realm of military and aviation history this period was revolutionary. The eclipse of the piston-engine, and the introduction of electronic detection equipment, rockets and airborne weapons in previously unknown quantities changed the face of the air war and paved the way for post-war developments in aviation technology.

Many details of this crucial phase of the war remained hidden for many years in top-secret files, but in this fascinating new history Manfred Griehl makes use of recently declassified sources, alongside his own vast collection of photographs, to provide a fresh look at the story of the Luftwaffe.

Among the many aspects he covers are the new models of Bf 109 and Fw 190; the Me 262 jet plane; the establishment of He 162 squadrons; Stukas and Fw 190 fighter-bomber operations on the Eastern Front; Me 262 Blitzbombers in the West, the recruitment of 1928-born Hitler Youth into the two hundred glider schools; the increasing importance of remote-controlled air-to-air rockets; and the development of heavy bombs, remote-controlled bombs, ‘atom bombs’ and Germany's chemical and bacteriological arsenal.

Packed full of fascinating revelations – such as the existence of the real-life Luftwaffe kamikaze squadron – this meticulously researched and fully illustrated book will be of interest to historian and enthusiast alike.

About The Author

Manfred Griehl is a respected historian with a unique photographic archive, specializing in Luftwaffe operations of World War II. His books include German Bombers over Russia and German Elite Pathfinders.


“...packed with many fascinating revelations, such as the existence of a real-life Luftwaffe kamikaze squadron. This book will be of interest to the historian, enthusiast, and modeler alike. You will want to add it to your collection.”


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