History of Men’s Fashion

What the Well Dressed Man is Wearing

Nicholas Storey

‘Nicholas Storey charts a quick path through male fashion in an amusing and witty investigation.' Practical Family History May 2009

‘..there has been nothing like "History of Mens Fashion” published in the past fifty years.' asuitablewardrobe.com
Date Published :
January 2016
Publisher :
Remember When
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781473839779

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Everything you ever wanted to know about men’s clothing – and so much more - from the exact hour Nelson lost his right eye to the type of palm needed for a Panama hat, what Cary Grant’s tailor had to do to his shoulders - and those all-important questions of what to wear, when and why, including when to wear a bow tie (surely ‘never’ is the only answer?). A quirky book full of facts that you never realized you needed to know, including the exact thickness of animal hair used to create must-have fashion items, including suits. Provocative, and controversial at times – but always very well dressed.

About The Author

Nicholas Storey was born in Cornwall. After reading law at University College, London, he qualified as a lawyer and then worked in legal publishing, the government legal service, the city and also spent some time in private practice, before deciding to move to Brazil, to find the time and space in which to write. He is one of two general editors of a text book on health service law and practice and various articles and letters in the British national and local press (as well as The Rio Times); several online publications and is the author of the well-received History of Men's Fashion.

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