Maritime London

An Historical Journey in Pictures and Words

Anthony Burton

The book looks at London's maritime history from the establishment of Roman Londinium to the present day.
Date Published :
September 2022
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
65 color and 65 mono illustrations
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781399092876

Dimensions : 11 X 8.4 inches
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The book looks at London’s maritime history from the establishment of Roman Londinium to the present day. It discusses many different aspects of life on the Thames and its connecting waterways and canals. There was a time when the River Thames was the main highway for the city, when watermen plied their trade carrying passengers and goods in a wide variety of craft, ranging from rowing boats to sailing barges. The Thames was also, for many centuries, a major ship building center, and the story includes the construction of some iconic vessels from Henry VIII’s flagship Henri Grace á Dieu to Isambard Brunel’s great steamship the SS Great Eastern. London was also until recently the country’s most important port. In the days of sail, the Port of London was crowded with vessels and it was not until the nineteenth century that major enclosed docks were built, a process that continued into the early years of the twentieth century. The early nineteenth century also saw London connected to the rest of England through a network of canals. Other topics covered include the lifeboat service, river fire fighting forces and the river police. The result is a colorful pageant that highlights the vital role that London’s waterways played in the life of the capital.

About The Author

Anthony Burton is a freelance author and broadcaster, who has specialized in industrial and transport history. He has been involved in around a hundred TV documentaries on these subjects, appearing on all the major networks. He has written biographies of some of the leading characters of the early industrial age: Thomas Telford, Richard Trevithick, Joseph Locke and Matthew Boulton, the latter with Jennifer Tann

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