1914: First Battle of Ypres - Messines and Menin Road

Ed Skelding

Date Published :
April 2019
Publisher :
Pen and Sword Digital
Series :
Walking the Western Front
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ISBN : 5060247621159

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Filmed on location at the key locations, this DVD moves from 1914 to 1915 to explore some of the key battles fought by the Allies in early 1915 at Neuve Chapelle and Aubers Ridge.

Designed as a companion to the best selling Battleground series of books by Pen and Sword.

Filmed by acclaimed film-maker Ed Skelding, whose expertise in the field and strong Great War knowledge compliment the film.

Also presented by guest historian Nigel Cave, the series editor of the Battleground series of books and prolific Pen and Sword author.

About The Author

Ed Skelding is a film-maker with more than twenty World War One broadcast documentaries to his credit. These include the series made for ITV - Great Battles of the Great War, which resulted in the book of the same name for Pen & Sword with author Michael

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