Escape from the Japanese

The Amazing Tale of a PoWs Journey From Hong Kong to Freedom

Ralph Burton Goodwin

* One of the most astonishing escape stories of the Second World War.

* An amazing 870-mile journey across enemy held territory.

* Fellow prisoners gave him no chance of surviving such an escape.

* Goodwin was awarded the OBE for his escape.
Date Published :
March 2016
Publisher :
Frontline Books
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b&w plates
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ISBN : 9781848329294

Dimensions : 9.21 X 6.14 inches Pages : 256
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Trapped in the depths of Japanese-held territory, it was rare for Allied prisoners of war to attempt escape. There was little chance of making contact with anti-guerrilla or underground organizations and no possibility of Europeans blending in with the local Asian populations. Failure, and recapture, meant execution.

This was what Lieutenant Commander R.B. Goodwin faced when he decided to escape from the Shamsuipo PoW Camp in Kowloon, Hong Kong in July 1944 after three years of internment.

With no maps and no knowledge of the country or the language, Lieutenant Commander Goodwin set out across enemy territory and war-torn China. Because of the color of his skin he had to travel during the hours of darkness for much of what was an 870-mile journey to reach British India.

Few of his fellow prisoners gave him any chance of succeeding, yet, little more than three months later, he was being transported to the safety of Calcutta. For his daring and determination Lieutenant Commander Goodwin was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

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