Eric Bottomley's Transport Gallery

A Journey Across the Canvas

Eric Bottomley

Date Published :
November 2018
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
160 paintings and sketchers
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781473876286

Dimensions : 9.5 X 10 inches
Stock Status : In stockPages : 176
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This is Eric Bottomley's second art book, in which he has varied both his transport themes and the mediums in which he works. The majority of paintings are in oils but also included are gouache (watercolor) and pencil sketches. However, some paintings are both gouache and pencil, together known as mixed media.

Railways have always been a great passion of Eric's, from trainspotting around the ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire system as a boy, to painting commisions for customers both private and commercial. From his lowly studio in Wimborne, Dorset, where his painting career took off, Eric never envisaged that one day he would witness his paintings being presented to the Duke of Kent, or that he would meet the Duke of Gloucester (a fellow railway enthusiast). In 1979 he joined the Guild of Railway Artists, and later became a full member.

Included in this book are all four regions of Britain's railway, but mostly the BR period from 1948, to the end of steam in 1968. Added to this are such scenes as the Trans-Siberian Express in Moscow, The Golfers Express leaving Belfast and preserved diesels in the USA.

The sad demise of steam and dereliction of the canals in the 1960s, and the amazing restoration projects over the years, has provided Eric with an enormous scope of subject matter, much of which is captured in this compelling book.

About The Author

Eric Bottomley was born in Oldham in 1948. He studied art and crafts at the Oldham School of Art, leaving in 1964 to pursue a career in commercial art. As a freelance artist and illustrator, he specialised in industrial and transport subjects. He set up a studio in Wimborne Minster and later, in 1979, became a member of the Guild of Railway Artists. In the 1980s, Eric moved to Much Marcle, Herefordshire, where he often painted the local scene and its industries. Eric has covered most forms of transport, producing work for private commissions and corporate customers. He now lives in South Devon, where he continues to paint and pursue his other great railway passion, that of modelling the railways and industrial scene of his youth, in 0 Gauge.

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