Pictorial History of the US 3rd Armored Division in World War Two

Darren Neely

The Third Armored Division, famously known as the "Spearhead Division," had an illustrious combat career in WW2.
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March 2021
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Pen and Sword
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400 black and white illustrations
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Features accounts of the T-26 Pershing tank and its first use in combat.

The Third Armored Division, famously known as the “Spearhead Division," had an illustrious combat career in WW2. One of only two “heavy armored” divisions of the war, the 3rd Armored joined the battle in the ETO in late June of 1944, was bloodied almost immediately and was at the front of the American advance through the hedgerows of Normandy and the rapid advance through France into Belgium by September 1944. The 3rd was one of the first units to breach the vaunted Siegfried Line and then fought a series of back and forth battles with the German army in the Autumn of 1944 as the weather conditions and determined tenacity of the German defenders produced an Autumn stalemate.

The 3rd was rushed to the Ardennes front in December of 1944 in response to Hitler’s winter offensive and they famously fought battles at the defense of Hotton, Grandmenil and then pushed the Germans back to the border after vicious battles in places like Ottre, Lierneux, Cherain and Sterpigny. The early days of the Bulge battles would find the lost unit of Col Samuel Hogan’s 400 men who were surrounded for days and fought their way back to friendly lines. After a brief rest and being outfitted with 10 of the T-26 Pershing tanks, the 3rd was at the spearhead of the 1st Army advance into Germany, across the Rhine and into the Harz mountains and the liberation of the Nordhausen concentration camp. This final campaign would see the highpoint of the famous Cologne tank duel between a Pershing and German panther, made famous by the recent book Spearhead by Adam Makos. Then, just a few weeks later the beloved commander of the division, Major General Maurice Rose, was tragically shot by a German tank commander when trying to surrender Paderborn, Germany. The 3rd would end the war at the tip of the American advance into Germany before the war ended.

About The Author

Darren Neely is a military researcher and historian from Maryland, USA. Panzerwrecks has published three of Darren’s books; Forgotten Archives 1, Forgotten Archives 2 and Nürnberg’s Panzer Factory.


"...there is loads of inspiration for the modeler and the book is a great resource for the historians and WWII buffs in the mix. This brings some great ideas for those Allied tanks in your stash."


"An armored division is more than just its tanks, and the author makes that clear by including numerous images of the unit's infantry, reconnaissance artillery and support troops performing their duties. This book provides a wealth of details of how the men of this division lived and fought during the war."

- WWII History Magazine

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