British Witches throughout History

Willow Winsham

* An in-depth look at some of the most fascinating witchcraft cases from across the British Isles

* Discover what it meant to be accused as a witch throughout British history from 14th century Ireland to 20th century Hampshire

* Explore the social and cultural context of witchcraft accusations

* Delve deeper into the lives and times of several f
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June 2022
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Pen and Sword
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The image of the witch - crook-nosed, unpleasant of disposition and with a penchant for harming her neighbors - is well established in the popular imagination. For hundreds of years the accusation of witchcraft has been levelld against women throughout the British Isles: such women were feared, persecuted, revered and reviled, with many ending their journeys at the stake or noose. Far from a mass of pitiable, faceless victims however, each case tells its own story, with a distinct woman at its heart, spanning the centuries down to the present.

What did it really mean to be accused as a witch? Why, and by whom, were such accusations made? Was it possible to survive, and what awaited those who did? Prepare to delve into the captivating history of witchcraft with an in-depth exploration of some of the most fascinating and notorious women accused of being witches from across the British Isles. On a journey from 14th century Ireland to 20th century Hampshire, Accused examines the why, the how, and, most importantly, the who of these tantalizing and evocative cases.

Using trial documents, contemporary pamphlets, church and census records and a wealth of other sources, eleven accused women are brought to life in a biographical approach that will take the reader back in time. Meticulously researched and skillfully and painstakingly woven, this book will be indispensable to anyone with an interest in the popular topic of the history of witchcraft and a love of fascinating and diverse individuals. Setting each of the “accused” in their social and historical context, Willow Winsham delivers a fresh and revealing look at her subjects, bringing her unique style and passion for detail to this captivating read.

About The Author

Willow Winsham brings readers regular tales of witches and witchcraft at her blog, The Witch, the Weird and the Wonderful. Combining a passion for research and history with a love of storytelling, she dedicates her time to investigating some of the most intriguing stories from the history of the British Isles. When she isn't digging out tantalising historical titbits or tracing elusive family members, she is busy writing historical fiction and home educating her two children.


Reads almost like a screenplay for a major TV series! Case studies of various "witches" from the middle ages to the last century, this book examines in great detail the women whose lives were under investigation for practices that were - and are - considered wrong by the authorities. A history book that looks at real people in the context of an almost inquisition-like persecution. Fantastic.

- Books Monthly

"Willow Winsham has made full and good use of the sources available, from trial documents and contemporary pamphlets to parish and other documents. Usually these witch stories are mentioned in passing, often with little more detail than a name and place and date. Even when the account is longer and more detailed, it is rare to get a real feel for the people, time and place. Willow Winsham puts flesh on eleven cases, brining these eleven women to life, presenting their biographies. Winsham is a solid researcher and capable writer who tells her stories in their proper social and historical context."

- Ripperologist

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