The IED Threat

A Guide for Peackeeping and Stability Forces

Robert Shaw

Date Published :
January 2023
Publisher :
Frontline Books
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100 illustrations
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781526719577

Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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There can be few weapons which have struck such fear into armed forces around the world, or made so many shocking headlines, as IEDs – Improvised Explosive Devices. In effect a bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action, dealing with these devices, and the threat they pose, continues to be one of the most important, and dangerous, duties of military and associated personnel.

This guide, compiled by an internationally acknowledged expert in this field, is a manual for military, police and diplomatic staff who are faced with an explosive hazard threat in the course of their duties. As well as detailing the nature of IED and other weapon threats to peacekeeping forces and political missions, this book looks at terrorist and insurgency tactics, techniques and procedures, and how they can be dealt with. The author also looks at the possible future nature of IEDs and terrorism and the role of intelligence and surveillance, as well as tactics and equipment, in neutralizing these ever-present dangers.

With IEDs one of the key weapons in the terrorists’ arsenal, this book will of paramount importance to military and paramilitary personnel as well as political and civilian representatives employed in high risk areas around the world.

About The Author

Robert Shaw is a leading expert in C-IED. Following a career in IEDD and Weapons Intelligence in the British Army with operational tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan he subsequently managed C-IED training for ISAF. He has advised the UN in Afghanistan, Libya and New York on a variety of EOD and C-IED subjects including peacekeeping operations. A regular contributor to international conferences he writes on global security and defence issues for various publications. He studies included an Msc in Global Security at the UK Defence Academy.

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