Children's Homes

A History of Institutional Care for Britain’s Young

Peter Higginbotham

Date Published :
October 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
130 illustrations
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781526701350

Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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What image does the word ‘orphanage’ conjure up in your mind? A sunny scene of carefree children at play in the grounds of a large ivy-clad house? Or a forbidding grey edifice whose cowering inmates were ruled over with a rod of iron by a stern, starched matron? In Children's Homes, Peter Higginbotham explores the history of the institutions in Britain that were used as a substitute for children’s ‘natural’ homes. From the Tudor times to the present day, this fascinating book answers questions such as: Who founded and ran all these institutions? Who paid for them? Where have they all gone? And what was life like for their inmates? Illustrated throughout, Children's Homes provides an essential, previously overlooked, account of the history of these British institutions.

About The Author

Peter Higginbotham is an established author, best known for his work on the workhouse through six books (The Workhouse Encyclopedia, Grim Almanac of the Workhouse, Workhouse Cookbook etc.), his website, magazine articles, and participation in TV programmes such as Who Do Think You Are? and Heir Hunters. In recent years Peter been extensively researching the history of children’s homes, which he details in his website


"With yet more revelations every day of what went on in various of these terrible establishments during the 20th century, Peter Higginbotham's timely book sometimes makes for uncomfortable reading, but it remains a vital addition to the social history of Britain, warts and all."

- Books Monthly

That this book is well-researched is very evident..., it is possible that this volume may become a major research-tool for those interested in British social history, orphanages, child welfare and the evolution of child foster care within Great Britain.

- NZ Crown Mines

A detailed analysis of the many institutions which have cared for our young from Tudor times onwards.

- Evergreen, Winter 2017

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