British Buses 1967

Jim Blake

* A comprehensive overall look at the last year of British buses, before nationalisation.
Date Published :
May 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
50 color illustrations and 150 black & white illustrations
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This book looks at an important turning point in the history of the bus industry in Britain. 1967 was the penultimate year to the end of an era, when private and semi-nationalized company’s operated the bus networks in this country.

After 1967 the network was never the same again, with the formation of the National Bus Company in 1968.

The NBC was a very bland organization compared to the colorful bus companies that had existed before nationalization, and many small municipal fleets amalgamated to form Passenger Transport Executives.

This comprehensive volume covers a large number of the bus companies throughout the country in 1967 and also has a good readable narrative describing Jim Blake’s journeys traveling on these services across Britain.

About The Author

Jim Blake was born at the end of 1947, and he soon developed a passionate interest in railways, buses and trolleybuses. In 1965, he bought a colour cine-camera, with which he captured what is now very rare footage of long-lost buses, trolleybuses and steam locomotives. These transport photographs have been published in various books and magazines. Jim also started the North London Transport Society and, in conjunction with the group, he has compiled and published a number of books on the subject since 1977, featuring many of the 100,000 or so transport photographs he has taken over the years.


"This book looks at the important turning point in the history of the bus industry in Britain, the year, 1967. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs, mostly black and white, but with a nice color section, and is divided into three distinct sections. Part one provides an overview in which the author sets the scene as he remembers it. Part two,which makes up the greater part of the book, is a pictorial overview of the operators and vehicles that he saw in 1967, and part three takes a look at the preservation movement as it was at the time. The narrative is a very personal view of the bus scene in 1967, the captions are extensive and informative and the pictures are well composed and sharp. The author acknowledges the NTA website which he used to verify details of the various trolley buses that appear in the book. All in all this is a well-produced volume that covers a period that many of us view with a great deal of nostalgia. The trolley bus coverage is sufficient to interest the student of UK trolley bus operations and the more general UK scene covered in this book is a bonus that should encourage many enthusiasts to add it to their collection."

- Trolleybus Magazine

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