Anne Boleyn in London

Lissa Chapman

Date Published :
April 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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32 illustrations
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781473843615

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Romantic victim? Ruthless other woman? Innocent pawn? Religious reformer? Fool, flirt and adulteress? Politician? Witch? During her life, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s ill-fated second queen, was internationally famous – or notorious; today, she still attracts passionate adherents and furious detractors.

It was in London that most of the drama of Anne Boleyn’s life and death was played out – most famously, in the Tower of London, the scene of her coronation celebrations, of her trial and execution, and where her body lies buried.

Londoners, like everyone else, clearly had strong feelings about her, and in her few years as a public figure Anne Boleyn was influential as a patron of the arts and of French taste, as the center of a religious and intellectual circle, and for her purchasing power, both directly and as a leader of fashion. It was primarily to London, beyond the immediate circle of the court, that her carefully 'spun' image as queen was directed during the public celebrations surrounding her coronation.

In the centuries since Anne Boleyn’s death, her reputation has expanded to give her an almost mythical status in London, inspiring everything from pub names to music hall songs, and novels to merchandise including pin cushions with removable heads. And now there is a thriving online community surrounding her – there are over fifty Twitter accounts using some version of her name.

This book looks at the evidence both for the effect London and its people had on the course of Anne Boleyn’s life and death, and the effects she had, and continues to have, on them.

About The Author

Lissa Chapman is a theatre director and historian. She is co-founder and, with Jay Venn, artistic director of Clios Company, which specializes in site-specific theatre, usually focusing on London history. One production, Baited Hooks, is set at the time when Anne Boleyns marriage was the citys worst-kept secret. Lissa has also worked in publishing and for the National Trust; she lives in north-east London, and takes great delight in her garden.


"Most definitely the most famous of Henry VIII's wives, Anne Boleyn is as fascinating a character now as she must have been when she first became queen. Lissa's lively biography concentrates on her time in London and how it influenced and changed her, and adds magnificently to our knowledge of this poor, misguided and unfortunate woman. Brilliant."

- Books Monthly

"She [Lissa Chapman] shifts focus, to look at the impact of London on Anne Boleyn's life, and the subsequent impact on London on this famous former resident - from pub signs to merchandise. It's an interesting approach, and one that the author tackles confidently. It also broadens the appeal of a book ostensibly on the life of one Tudor queen, to attract anyone interested not only in gender history but also in the history and culture of the metropolis."

- Your Family History, May 2017

“Chapman has done extensive research and not only quotes her sources but also weighs how much we can trust them depending on the political leanings of the source… This novel is effective in giving the reader a detailed look at real life in Tudor England with respect to actual day-to-day activities such as hygiene and the difficulty of moving Henry’s entire court on his whim… as a research book I find it very informative.”

- Manhattan Book Review

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