Airfields and Airmen


Michael O'Connor

Date Published :
December 2008
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Battleground Europe
Illustration :
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The Battleground Europe series has helped create a new audience for the story of the desperate battles of World War I, But up to now the series has largely been concerned with the ground war. Popular demand has inspired the editors to create a new series of guides to the air war 1914-1918. The first volume is devoted to the Ypres Salient, the northernmost sector of the Western Front. Here the Royal Flying Corps battled the German Imperial Air Service for supremacy over the battlefield, while the Royal Naval Air Service attempted to intercept Germany's Zeppelins and early long-range bombers before they could reach the skies over London.

The airfields, battle and crash sites, and monuments associated with the air war in the Ypres sector are covered with all the then-and now detail expected by battleground Europe readers. The dramatic text is backed up with numerous maps, photographs and an extensive bibliography.

About The Author

Mike O'Connor is an author and historian.


The historian will learn a good deal from it and the battlefield visitor will find it a fine guide to keep in the car while travelling in the area.

- Military Model Scene

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